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WHAT IS SLIME? Slime is sticky and semi-solid. The slime takes the shape of the container you keep it in, which helps you to make unlimited shapes. The slime sticks together and is fun to hold and does not stick to the hands.
Crystal Clay Slime DIY products are popular which enhances the child’s imagination and planning ability. It also helps to improve hands and brain ability to create happiness. So, let your children play with this slime to create an unlimited amount of fun. Not Recommended Ages Under 3, Do Not Eat. Eco-friendly material.
Rich Colors, develop kids’ color sense. Simple operation and suitable for ages 8+. Develop the kids’ creativity and imagination. Exercise the kids’ coordination ability with hands, eyes, and brain.
Intellectual Development: In the process of playing the colorful mud will develop the child’s imagination and creativity. The macron crystal jelly is very adorable, and it feels squishy and very soft
. The slime jelly toy can be used again and again, after playing, put the crystal slime back into the box, next time you want to play it you will find that the slime clay had restored its original appearance. Kids can make lots of models using this colorful mud, so it can bring much fun to kids. Kids can make it into any type of model.
Give this to kids as a gift, they will love it, but don’t let kids put the crystal slime into their month. The color and scent are very soft, feeling good when touching it, smooth, no messy, easy to be made shape. Mix, swirl, twist, stretch this slime, and make your perfect masterpiece. Color: Random color will be sent in the package.
Contains 10 bottles of Slime (5 Colored and scented Bottles, 5 Plain Slime bottles), 1 packet of thermocol balls, 3 glitter bottles, charms & Stars packet, 3 food color bottles (red, green & blue).

  • SAFE AND FUN- A great slime toy for kids which is rich in colors and helps develop creativity and imagination. Exercise your kid’s coordination and ability with hands, eyes, and brain to create hours of fun with this slime kit.
  • BRAIN BOOSTER- This Slime for kids looks like jelly and kids toys for girls and boys, our slime set helps unleash your little one’s creativity and helps them to develop their motor skills as well as enhance hand-eye coordination! Grownups can play too! Arts and crafts for girls and boys have been proven to be some of the best stress relief toys. Don’t bother buying stress balls for kids, slime is the best for stress relief!
  • SAFE and NON TOXIC- This slime clay set is made with eco-friendly material, our slime and slime containers are washable, reusable, safe. Quality-tested non-toxic formulas are 100% safe for kids and adults.
  • FEATURES- This Scented Slime for kids which looks like jelly is unique as it takes shape of the container it is kept in. This slime is super light with pure color and should not be baked.
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION- Slime may become too loose in the summer season or too hard in the winter season, so don’t worry about it, it will get back to its shape on its own. This product is not for children below the age of 3, choking hazards, parents/adults supervision is required for small kids, though the slimes are made of non-toxic material, it is still recommended to wash hands after playing with it.

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