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Magic, funny and practical High Tech cleaning Gel jelly putty compound effortlessly catches the dirt and kills germs, and makes your dirty dusty devices super clean. Cleans apertures where conventional clean fails and kills germs.
Clearly enhances the performance of your keyboard and other devices. The super clean gel is a DIY all-purpose cleaner. Use cleaning gel for Keyboard, Laptop, Car accessories, Desktop PC, Mouse, CPU, PC, Printers, Computers, Car Interior, Car Air Vent, Car Gear Lever, Digital Camera, Mobile Phone, Remote Control, DVD Player, Streaming Devices, Play Station, Wi-Fi Router, and Electronic Gadget.
Super Clean keyboard cleaning gel is not sticky to hands, smells sweet, and has no stimulation to the skin.
Product Type: Keyboard Cleaner Cleaning Gel
Product Name:
Slime Application: Cleaning
Quantity: 1 Feature: Absorbs Reusable Assimilates
Highly Flexible Multipurpose Cleaning &: Killing Germs
Instruction to use dust cleaner: Do not rub Just press.
Do not paste too long! Please pinch before using, and put it back to the hermetic bag after using.

[UNIVERSAL]: Universal dust cleaning gel used to clean nooks dust Such as the vents or little crevices on the car air vent, steering wheel, console panel, storage bins, cup holder, keyboard, storage bin, printer, cell phone, calculator, speaker and PC screen, etc.
[REUSABLE JELLY]: Cleaning gel for cars could be used several times until the gel turns dark. Take some gel for use and after using the gel, you can keep it in the empty bottle provided, don’t mix it with fresh gel. Car ac vent cleaner is a very economical and practical universal cleaning putty. (NOTE: don’t wash the gel with water.)
[EASY TO USE]: Quickly Remove Dust and Easy Cleaning-Just places the car cleaning gel on the surface to be cleaned, press and roll slightly and then pull it up slowly, the dirt will be taken away with the slime.
[SAFE & DURABLE]: Made of Reusable Biodegradable Gel, Not Stimulation to Skin, friendly to the environment, not sticky to hand. The light fragrance is very fresh and not pungent. Cleaning gel removes all dust and debris and leaves no residue.
[CARE INSTRUCTION]: Keep away from direct sunlight and keep dry. Do not use with wet hands. Please put it into the bag after use, there is a sealing strip on the top, put it on the sealing strip, and store it in a cool and dry place. Please keep away from children.

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